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The MV Communicator, home to LASER558, was equipped in the US and set sail for her final destination, broadcasting from international waters in the North Sea. After initial testing, she began broadcasting on 24th May 1984 and attracted a huge audience due to the music format and the amount of music played each hour. LASER558 became an instant hit for listeners who wanted more music and less talk. LASER’s music format changed the way UK stations operated as more and more people started listening to the ‘pirates’. Although its life was short, LASER558 paved a path that is still followed today.

This recreation of LASER558 is for those of you who grew up in a world where the radio was on all the time somewhere and when the pirates changed the face of radio in the UK forever. Radio was on in the kitchen in the mornings, at work when you got there, in schools for education, and, more often than not, under your pillow or covers at night when you were supposed to be asleep but listened patiently as Radio Caroline, Radio Luxembourg, Laser 558, and the like, drifted in and out, and when we tuned into the shortwave bands to try and hear stations from around the world if the weather conditions were right.

Whether you remember LASER558 or not, we hope you appreciate what you hear. Remember, the music is NEVER more than a minute away!

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  3. “Alexa, play LASER558”. Talk to your Alexa device to listen to LASER558 around your house with our Alexa Skill.
  4. Listen through GetMe Radio!
  5. By using the MyTuner Radio Hosting website or app
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