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Fingers poised over 'Play' & 'Record'! A classic Top 40 on a Sunday evening.

There is no better time in the week for a Top 40 Countdown than a Sunday evening. The memories of being in your bedroom listening to the chart countdown, not knowing which song was coming next, and your fingers poised over ‘Play & Record’ on the tape recorder to catch your favourite songs! Wow.

Well, we do it all over again, right here, every Sunday evening. We squeeze the Top 40 of this week in a classic year into 2 hours by playing the best of the chart; the climbers, the new entries, the non-movers and the complete Top 10. If we play an older year, when songs were shorter or we had a Top 20 or Top 30, you’ll hear every single song in the chart. Either way, we squeeze in as many songs as we can into 2 hours, as well as some songs bubbling under the chart that either haven’t quite made it yet or have just left the chart but not our memories.

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